About Dauntless Coffee

Dauntless Coffee Co started way before the first logo was designed, way before the first cup of Dauntless Coffee was tasted. It started during the infamous commando tests. It started with two friends bonded by the crucible of training to be Royal Marines, an absolute love for fitness and performance and a deep craving for good coffee.

We constantly found ourselves either drinking, looking for or talking about coffee and fitness. We realised the benefits of coffee and its impact on performance and decided to find a good tasting bean we love that will give us the needed push to get through not only a tough workout but arguably the toughest basic training in the world.

If it could do that for us, it can do that for you.

Coffee Performance Facts

  • Caffeine has an ergogenic effect, meaning it improves physical performance.
  • Caffeine’s effect is most evident in endurance (aerobic) sports which last for more than five minutes.
  • Caffeine improves time-trial performance and reduce muscle pain.
  • Caffeine may also moderate fatigue and influence ratings of exertion, perceived pain and energy levels, all of which are likely to lead to improvements in performance.
  • Consume about 200g of caffeine to see performance results.
  • Caffeine has a half life of 6 hours which means it takes six hours for your body to use half of what was ingested. Keep this in mind for it to not hinder your sleep which is very important for recovery and thus performance.
  • It takes 30-45min for the caffeine to take effect in the body. Therefore make sure you drink the coffee at least 30min before the workout.